Marion Ringborg

Marion Ringborg used to work at Spring and Lyle’s in London, she is running the pop up restaurant Garba with Linn Söderström. She is currently seen in the Chef’s Competition at the Swedish television. I asked Marion some questions:

What is your super power in the kitchen?

-My creativity. 

Where did you study to become a chef? 

At the Hotel and restaurant school in Järfälla.(in Stockholm)

When and why did you decide to become a chef?

-I have known it since I was 14 years old. I am from a pretty big family and we never had time for each other except when we sat down and ate together. And during one of this dinners I knew that I wanted to become a chef and give people a chance to eat and spend time together.

Is there any chef you think is a good role model? 

-Skye Gyngell from Spring in London is amazingly good. 

What is your favorite thing to cook with? 


The most important moments in your career??

-That I moved to London and worked there was very important because I learned so much there. And that I could let go and start something on my own!

What gives you inspiration? 


Where would you like to start a new pop-up restaurant?

-At a central roof top somewhere in Stockholm for a whole summer, and preferably somewhere you could grow something too!

Could you share a nice food memory with us?

-The first time I went to Gambia and had Benachin that I have eaten since I was young. The experience was so poweful because I had this that my mother always had cooked for me. Benachin is a national dish of Gambia. The base is rice, tomato, tomato puree, onion, salt and chili. You can add vegetables, fish, seafood, meat and herbs.

Any new dreams? 

-To open up a proper restaurant with Linn.

Any idea how it is possible to attract more women to become chefs?

-It is up to both the men and women to discuss a way to attract more women to choose to become chefs.

Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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