Chocolate mousse

A vegan chocolate mousse that is both delicious and healthy! And if you don't wanna tell anyone they won't notice! INGREDIENTS: 2 dl Plant based creme fraiche 2 table spoons cacao powder 2 table spoons beet root powder 1 milliliter salt 2 table spoons birch sugar 2 mililiter Vanilla INSTRUCTIONS: Mix all the ingredients with … Fortsätt läsa Chocolate mousse

I love eating at my friends place!

We got greeted with a passion fruit martini, with a touch of Chili in it. It tasted so great, so we had another one;) We then had a beautiful roast that was accompanied with different salads. And then... 3 different sorts of desserts to choose from. I picked Creme brûlée. My husband had two.. I … Fortsätt läsa I love eating at my friends place!