Great Asian food at a very cozy location in the middle of Stockholm. Erik Videgård is the chef behind Videgårds. And he cooks with great passion and out of curiosity! Erik is a man of many talents, music producer, he has written several cook books and he has been running some of the best places in Stockholm like East, Coq Blanc, En Halv Trappa Plus Gård and several others. At the menue that he is serving now you can find some Chinese food that is really good!! And I am very picky when it comes to Chinese food as I used to live there. Erik has only been to China once, how is it even possible! But he served me some really nice and innovative food at the restaurant. Just sayin, don’t miss this place! And if you prefer vegetarian food this place is also great because there is a lot to choose from in the Asian kitchen. What you can see here from the top is Mapo Tofu, aubergines and Brussels sprouts. But I also had some fried shrimps, organic wings, kimbap and much more. Nice interior, and also a big outdoor area! It can be tricky to find the place.. Enter from Humlegårdsgatan 17, it is located in the end up the stairs. But you can also enter through Sturegallerian.

Videgårds restaurant

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