Plantation Rum

What a great afternoon trying out some different rum from Plantation’s Single Cask limited edition. They are all double-Aged in bourbon and cognac barrels. And then they have been matured a third time in different barrels to get their different flavours. The limited edition rum is made together with some different distilleries like Teeling Whisky, Kilchoman Distillery, Arran Whisky and Partizan Brewing. So you know you are up for a treat if you try some of these! This was my favourite! You had the flavours from honey, coffee and cinnamon among others. And another favourite, St Lucia 2010 That has been matured in Ferrand Renegade chestnut casks. A very smoky fantastic flavour! It is specially bottle for Château de Bonboonnet. And even if anyone is sitting on a bottle of this please send it to me😉

I think that rum is a very exciting drink and I’m sure there will be more distilleries around hopefully again. There used to be 600 distilleries in the Caribbean’s and today there is only 6.

Text and photo Malin Nordblom
Fab Foodie Swede
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Om Malin Nordblom Mat och dryckesskribent, receptkreatör och ibland även kallskänka/kock i köket på KSLA i Stockholm. Har ena foten i Sverige och den andra i Asien. Nyfiken, alltid hungrig och har gärna ett glas med något gott i handen. Spenderar mycket tid i köket med att hitta på nya recept och de som blir bra postar jag även här.

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