Restaurant NOLLA in Helsinki

68314875_10157435092681322_3087481521842421760_n.jpgI have been to a restaurant where you actually want to bring home the table you are sitting by. The table by Serbian Uros Kostic had the most soft edges, and all of us just wanted to touch it! And as that is the first I notice as I sat down, I sort of had a clue that I was in for at treat! Carlos Henriques, Luka Balac and Albert Franch Sunyer has all worked at top restaurants in Helsinki and abroad. One day they decided that it was time to open up a sustainable restaurant that serves top class food!67816762_10157435092536322_3443772178854576128_n.jpg
Today they are running one of the world’s most innovative restaurants in Helsinki! Nolla means zero, and zero is what they are aiming for in food waste! I admire them for their vision and passion! You are all humble super heroes! 68823489_10157435092181322_8047005607154155520_n.jpgThe other week they just started up Nolla at a new location in Helsinki. And every little detail is well thought of. From the redesigned bottles that holds the water, or the glass that comes from the presidential palace to the handmade wall art from a local designer.. Well, the list is long. But they have really looked at every detail! 68599511_10157435092706322_2919706806336880640_n.jpg

So they are avoiding packaging, the coffee for example is picked up in big containers that they reuse all the time from Kaffarosteri. And there is no use of pepper as they haven’t found anyone who can deliver pepper without lot’s of packaging! The clothes is made from old bed linen and the little food waste there is, is put into a compost that is located inside the restaurant. (and there is no smell at all!)But there isn’t much in it! What does come out from the compost goes to one of the farmers they are working with. It is great to see that the restaurant has created their own eco system at the restaurant! 67947369_10157435093201322_1859406799749251072_n.jpgSo to the food… As a starter I had tomatoes, raspberry and chilli. It was very fresh! I really like to start a meal with something light!68266929_10157435093071322_4983595998321311744_n.jpgFollowed by Pea Royale, grilled gem and lardo. It was fantastic!68583951_10157435093441322_2870472105869180928_n.jpgMain course, a delicious grilled duck with Oyster Mushroom, spring cabbage and a sauce made with grilled cabbage and butter.67924544_10157435093666322_7251879780524490752_n.jpgThe most delicious dessert followed, caramel with a strawberry bottom, ice cream and meadow sweet.69269191_10157435093851322_6505812371724828672_n.jpg

I am really looking forward to see more restaurants like this. Thank you for a great evening! Hope to see you in Stockholm!


Restaurant Nolla

Fredrikinkatu 22, 00120 Helsinki


Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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