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The restaurant is located at a great spot in Helsinki where there used to be an Mc Donalds at Iso Roobertinkatu pedestrian street.It is an vegetarian restaurant and bar, and it is the perfect spot to hang out at in Helsinki.  And the non  vegetarians won’t even think about that they entered a vegetarian restaurant! The idea is that you share the food by the table with your friends and family, and that is what I did here. We had a real feast, and a must is the halloumi fries and a cocktail! They serve both with and without alcohol so don’t you worry! I love when everyone order one or two dishes, because then you end up eating things you normally wouldn’t order! And I love to be surprised! The restaurant gives me the feeling of being back in Maimi, and Hey what can be wrong with that!? I love that it is so different in the interior from everything else.

I talked to Alex who is one of the founders, and he told me that they are trying to reuse everything at the restaurant. Like peels, stems etc.. And their cocktailbar is totally zero waste! They also started a preservation program this year to be able to serve great food all year around in a sustainable way. When I visited they just had preserved 80 kilos of rhubarbs. He also told me that they wanted to give people a break in all the choices they need to make, they will just serve great sustainable food without talking about it at their menus.

Yes Yes Yes
Iso Roobertinkatu 1, Helsinki

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