Pizzeria Giretto in stockholm

One of Stockholm’s best pizza places now has two locations! And you really compose your own pizza. First of al you pick what size you wan’t, big or small. Then you decide if you wan’t a rye pizza base, a classic wheat flour base or a gluten free version. And what toppings.

Another great thing here is that if you normally don’t eat the crust, then you can actually order little sauces and dip the crust into it and enjoy all of the pizza!Isn’t that so clever! I hate food waste, and I love eating so this is just perfect!

There is also a choice of sallads and some nice drinks. You have a classic pizza restaurant, with a community table and a nice Italian vibe.

They will also serve Gelato, but I haven’t tried it jet. But I keep you posted about it!

It is medium priced, and good value for money!!


Nybrogatan 16, Stockholm

St Paulsgatan 2, Stockholm

By Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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