Cooking, cleaning and just living. Here is some of this weeks highlights!

So another week has gone by, and I was having the luck to join my friend Anna for a cooking event with Sebastian Gibrand, Sweden’s Bocuse d’Or contestant and Global knives. The theme was Japanese Street Food and I was in charge of the dessert. Fantastic evening, and so much fun hanging out with a great gang and eat some amazing food!

Lövgren’s Coffee launched a coffee together with Regnbågsfonden – Rainbow Foundation where some of their proceeds goes to the foundation. Jonas Gardell is one of the founders and he told us about their vision. And for me it feels pretty obvious that people should have the same fundamental rights whoever they love. But it’s not like this everywhere unfortunately. So check out their foundation at

I also had a blast at Stockholm Cheese Festival where I tried out so many different kinds of cheese. I am a big cheese lover, and trying out cheese that I never had before was a great Friday joy! Looking forward to the next festival!

Oat rice, steamed and polished oat! A great alternative to rice.

Paul Svensson is one of Sweden’s most interesting chefs that is really taking a stand for what we eat. So when Frebaco launched their Oat rice he had created a bunch of recipes with the oat rice. And yes it sounds strange. But it had a nice soft flavour that went down really well. I am a big supporter of eating local food. And even if I love rice (7 years in China;) this will always be in my pantry from now on! Recipes will be posted in the week!

Me and Paul at Paul Taylor’s

Me and Sonja tried out some pizzas at newly opened Giretto. This is the place where they serve rye pizza dough pizzas!

Me and my friend Nils-Holger celebrating his wife Angela at a Hollywood themed party. I was just glamorous…

I am now on my way to Stuttgart to support, cheer and cover the Swedish Team’s while they compete! Going to be a blast!

By Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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