Kamilla Seidler

I met up with Danish Kamilla Seidler who started her career at Geist in Copenhagen as a student, and ended up as head chef. She has also been head chef at Gustu in La Paz, Bolivia. She was awarded as the best female chef at Latin America’s 50 best restaurants. (Gustu came in 16th place)
Nowadays, she works all over the world, and she is also working for equality in the industry. Her initiative, Freja Symposium, was held in August in Copenhagen. It’s about bringing a change into the restaurant industry so that more women are at the top.
I asked some questions to Kamilla;
Are you planning to stay in Denmark now?
– Right now it’s my base, but you never know what’s going on.
Where did you train to become a chef?
– At the Hotel and Restaurantskolen in Copenhagen.
When did you know you wanted to become a chef?
– I’m still not sure! Lol!! I think I knew when I understood that it was a way of living, and that I was being able to teach to others.
– There are so many, it can be something luxurious, or just a nice place.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
– When I meet people, during trips and through experiences I think back at.
Any funny kitchen incident?
– We had a student at Geist in Copenhagen, who filled up with caramel cream and then shook it. But since it wasn’t closed when it was shaken, it flew out everywhere!
What is your favorite food country?
– Thai food, Mexico
What are your favorite ingredients?
– It depends on my mood!
Text and image: Malin Nordblom
The interview was published at http://www.Gourmet.se in Swedish last year

Kamilla Seidler and me during her visit to Stockholm.

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin