Whisky Meatballs

I am from Lund where they serve the most delicious whisky meatballs at Grand Hotel. They originate from Sten Broman who always used to eat them at Grand. Here is the recipe:
500 g lean minced meat
2dl grated dry bread
1 dl cream
1 yellow onion
1 egg
4 cl whisky
2 cl Ramlösa water (mineral water)
salt and freshly ground white pepper
1, Place the grated bread to swell in a little bit of the cream.
2, Chop the onion finely, and then mash it with a fork.
3,Blend the minced meat with the egg yolk, mashed onion and the bread.
4, Mix the meat really well and add the rest of the cream little by little.
5, Stir in the mineralwater, whisky and spice with some salt and white pepper.
6,Beat the egg whites hard and mix it with the batter.
7, Form into small meatballs and gently fry in butter.
Serve as usual meatballs, or with cheese-grated mashed potatoes and a brown sauce flavored with whiskey. And some lingonberry of course.
Text and photo Malin Nordblom
Fab Foodie Swede
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