Restaurant Garba

Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg have had several pop-up restaurants at different locations in Stockholm since 2017, and now finally they have their own restaurant in the heart of Stockholm! These two competitive chefs that have been competing in Swedish television to a great success are in for giving us all a treat with their Italian inspired food. The restaurant is easy-going with a very homely feeling in this old flat. You order a set menu with four courses for 535 kr and you can also order some add-ons. I have a nice choice of natural wines to choose from and some beer. There is 36 seats and one of the tables is a community table. You can also sit by the chefs table, a place that I really like.

Last year was all about doughnuts at all their pop-up restaurants, and this year’s hype is the eclaires. And even if I loved their doughnuts I’m very happy to end my meal with an Eclair. Actually I wouldn’t mind having both of them.. The price is very reasonable and I would advise you to book a table. But a big part of the tables are not open for booking, so you can actually  be spontaneous if you want:)

Restaurant Garba

Norrlandsgatan 24, Stockholm

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