Today was empanada night! These little Chilean pies. Full of minced meat, herbs, tomatoes and some cheese.

My freezer is now full of them. It’s the perfect fast food! And guess what we had for dinner tonight 😉

Here is the recipe for the dough;

2,5 tea spoon dry yeast (Preferably fast raising)

3 dl luke warm milk

100 grams of soft butter

1 egg

8 dl white flour

1 tea spoon salt

1 tea spoon sugar

Dissolve the yeast into the milk, whisk it around.

Add all the other ingredients.

Cover with a towel or put it into a bag for an hour. (Or over night)

Then split the dough into 16 equal pieces.

Cover with a tea towel for 15 minutes.

Then roll out with a baking pin and add what you would like to have in them. Like minced meat, some eggs..

Cover with a tea towel for 15 minutes. And then brush them with a whisked egg.

Next, put them into a preheated oven ( 200C) for about 15 minutes or until brown.

Serve with a salsa and a nice glass of red!!

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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