This years trends, my guess…

With Corona everywhere, this years trend will obviously be less traveling and more Staycations. And with that in mind I would guess that we will look more at what we eat and why we eat it. In Sweden many chefs are using bean’s and vegetables that were used more frequently in the past. Some of them I never heard of before the Swedish Culinary Team started to use them. Because in favour of bad things happening everywhere, more and more people understand how important it is to eat well. We need to get full of course, but we also need to have a nutrious and well balansed diet. So eating less and less ready made food in favour of cooking at home with local or home grown produce.

Me, fully covered! This illustrates 2020 really well, but the photo is from me visiting a Parmigiano Reggiano Dairy.

Protect yourself, we will be way more hygienic than we ever been before! And I am applauding everyone washing their hands properly, and that stays home while sick. It is hopefully a trend that stays! Because sometimes you need to think a step longer. You might just be a bit sick, but someone might be very sick just because you had to get out and about with your cold! So being compassionate is a word to remember in 2020!

I think that we will grow more seeds from other countries to experience traveling in another way. Because we are all curious about different kitchens so growing those seeds at home will give us the opportunity to eat the Spanish veggies and cook Chinese food but in the comfort of our own home.

More and more restaurants will cook foreign food with local produce. A great example is chef Sayan Isaksson at Isaan in Stockholm, he is cooking Isaan Thai food with Swedish produce. And that is a great way to cook different food, with local products. Better for the environment, and for us all!

Isaan food in Stockholm with Swedish ingredients

We will also see more specialized restaurants everywhere. Because we all know about Chinese food, Thai food etc. But there will be more specialized restaurants like Yunnan food from Southern China. Many people are really interested of more local food, either it is from Jutland in Denmark, Skåne in Sweden or some remote part of Peru. We wan’t to experience a special bean, tomato or whatever it now might be!

Home bakers will be the thing this year, and we will bake with better flour and less artificial coloring. Glazing your cookies with the help of some beetroot juice, blood orange or kale. It all gives coloring in the most beautiful shades. And buying bread from bakers that are using the kind of flours they used long time ago will be even more popular! We will be buying better baked goods from our local bakers when we don’t bake ourselves!

Moving outside the cities and be able to grow your own vegetables and farm your own animals will be a big folk movement in 2020. Many people don’t wanna be as dependent of the supermarkets and others anymore. I think people in their 30’s are the biggest group here.

Eating and living in a more sustainable way is here to stay. Many people don’t buy any plastic, and if they do it has to be some kind of reused plastic or bioplastic. The good and bad things about these will come in another article. What we do see is people buying more second hand, wood, metal and other more sustainable materials.

We will drink more kinds of tea that they use in Asia for feeling better, getting cured of something, to sleep etc. We will attend tea courses, and learn a lot about this ancient tea ceremonies.

And even Angela D’Orazio from Mackmyra has created a Green Tea Whisky that soon will be launched! There will be more kinds of speciality whisky’s in 2020. And different kinds of Rom. But the biggest trend is to drink Non Alcoholic drinks.

This is my take on this years Trends. I hope some of them are here to stay!

Most herbs and roots can be used in tea.

Text and photo: Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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