Innis and Gunn Beer Kitchen

They have 3 locations, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I had the joy of trying out their menue for their 15 year celebration yesterday. We were a group of Swedes that had a superb dinner with Dougal and Neil. The brothers behind this superb beer.

A real Scottish pub evening

I just love breweries!

So many different beers to choose from. And just like with wine, different kinds of beer goes with different kinds of food.

Seafood and beer, yes a great combination.

So us girls hanged out with Dougal. Dear him😂

And the boys had their table, Neil is missing in the picture..

2 reaktioner på ”Innis and Gunn Beer Kitchen

  1. Paul Quinton

    The beer in pictures #1 and #5 is off – the rule is ”If you can’t see through it, don’t drink it.”