Boqueria Åre

Boqueria Åre is opening up in December. As I really like Boqueria in Stockholm and their chef Fredrik I obviously said yes to try out their food for the new location. And I was in for a treat, so much nice Spanish food. It felt like I was back in San Sebastián! A great surprise was when I laid eyes on a part of the dessert, the cheesecake from La Viña that I wrote about the other day! So their Spanish Chef Daniel had been making this cake as he knows that it is the best there is. It still needs to be a bit more creamy, but I know many that has been practising to cook this cake. And it is not easy. But it tasted just right, and I had a lot of cheesecake! And some chocolate truffles, nice drinks by my friend Bella, and so much food! I have never been to Åre, so I will try to visit when they open up!Adress: Årevägen 77, Åre

And if you like to ski this is a great location!

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin