Viktor Westerlind

Viktor Westerlind became the Swedish Chef of the year 2009 and was a member of the Swedish Culinary Team that won the Culinary Cup in 2012.
He has worked at  F12 and restaurant Frantzén. And soon he will run Tommy Myllymäki’s new restaurant in Stockholm.. I asked Viktor some questions:

Where did you study to become a chef?
– St Görans gymnasium in Stockholm.

Do you have some favorite ingredient when you cook at home?
– Curry,  a really thick yoghurt and chili.
At the restaurant I like to work with fish. It is delicate to work with, and you need knowledge about how to cook it.

Is there any food you don’t like?
– I don’t like to eat to much cold food, you don’t get the flavours as much.

Do you use any cooking books?
– Not so much anymore, sometimes I use  Tore Wretman’s Cook Book or Videgårds Sichuan Cook Book. Sometimes I need to look up things in them. The old classic Seven different cakes is useful too, because when you bake then you need to be precise.

Do you have any signature dish that you cook at home?
– Chicken curry, or duck with hoisin sauce and everything that goes with it.

What is most fun to work in the restaurant business ?
– That it is always something happening, you never know what.

Your favourite food country?
– Korea.

Is there anyone that has been a great inspiration to you?
– My grand mother always cooked very good food. Rene Redzepi and Tore Wretman is very good chefs that has inspired me!

Your favorite kitchen tool?
– The scraper is very useful!

Can you tell me about a nice food experience you had lately?
– I had a tuna at Sushi Sho that was superb!

Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom

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Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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