Broms in Stockholm

Located by Karlaplan at Östermalm in Stockholm, with an easy access by tube or bus. Chef Anna Broms is running this homey bistro, bar and deli at Karlaplan in Stockholm. If I would advertise it, then it would be as “A living room away from home”.

Anyway, they serve great breakfasts here that suit all kinds of cravings! Sandwiches, chia puddings, Pain au Chocolate etc… and some really good coffee of course. Wouldn’t be a great breakfast location without it..

The lunches and dinners are a real treat as the menu is packed with things to choose from, but somehow I order their famous Salmon Sashimi very often. It is just so great and one of the reasons I go here.

Somehow I always manage to get a seat. But to make sure, book a table!

The place is packed with locals, and I normally always end up meeting someone I know there. With it’s relaxed living room feeling, this is a place where it is easy to end up chatting with the people at the table beside you. And as I love being a social butterfly, Broms is really my thing.

And if you meet Anna, she is one of the most awesome chefs in Stockholm.

Enjoy your stop here! And if you see me, say Hi;)

Anna and I

By Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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