Red Cross catastrophe breakfast in Stockholm at Inspo STHLM

Not my ordinary breakfast, but a breakfast for a good cause! So it is way better, to spread awareness and to hopefully get people to buy a gift card or donate money that can help people all over the world with food and supplies. Brekkie Stockholm had created a breakfast with the supplies from one of the boxes that could have been sent to people in Syria. A bread made out of cornflower, Durum wheat, White beans, rapeseed oil, dry yeast and salt with a Houmous with some tomato paste in it. We also got some rice pancakes with tahini and syrup, I really liked them! So what can you do to help people all over the world? You can for example buy a gift card, and there is different amounts of money you can choose from to donate. For that people can get food for a month, a week or for as long as you want. There is also other boxes with toiletries for example, diapers etc…. When I lived in China I was part of the group where we collected items to send to people that needed it. And if you never helped anyone give it a try, it feels really good! The photos are taken in North Korea when Lina Hansson was there. And as you probably know they don’t have a lot of food there so Red Cross helps there too. Do you actually find Red Cross in 191 countries all over the world! So Merry Christmas 2019 let it be merry for someone else to!

© Photo Malin Nordblom, Fab Foodie Swede

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