Christian André Pettersen

Christian André Pettersen has been in the restaurant business since he was a little kid. He has worked for Charles Tjessem, Spiseriet at Stavanger’s Concert Hall and at restaurant Mondo in Sandnes. He has competed in Bocuse d’Or Europe and won, and got bronze in Bocuse d’Or 2019. He is competing again this year, and is going for gold. I asked Christian some questions when I meet him in Luxembourg:

Christian André Pettersen
Your favorite raw produce?

– King crab, lemon and ginger.

Is there some food you don’t like?
– I don’t like surströmming very much. (Surströmming is a fermented lightly salted, smelly herring.)

Do you use Cook books??
– Not very often, But I read them and get inspired by reading them And then I combine my own recipes with my choice of components.

What the of food do you cook at home?
– I cook a lot of Asian food, and classic Norwegian food.

How come you decided to become a chef?
– My father was a chef, so I was sort of born into this. And the last thing I promised him before he died was that I should do well in Bocuse d’Or.

Your favorite food country?
– Japan.

What inspires you?
– By nature, art and design.

Your favorite kitchen tool?
– Mortar and Microplane zester.

A memorable food memory?
– I never forget when I had newly caught cod with my dad at the boat outside Lofoten.

What do you want to do after Bocuse d’Or?
– That is when the dream starts!

Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom

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