Chef Michael Ade Elégbèdé from Nigeria

How was it to move back to Nigeria? – It was a really hard transition, and you can never take anything for granted there. For example sometimes there is a power cut just when you need it. The best thing with moving back to Nigeria? – One example is when I get hold of some … Fortsätt läsa Chef Michael Ade Elégbèdé from Nigeria

Kajsa Åkerblom

I met up with Kajsa Åkerblom that has been working at several amazing places, on a boat, she had Glashuset at Värmdö, she opened up Torpedverkstan in Stockholm, she had restaurants and catering in Mexico and participated in and opened up Urban Deli. I asked her some questions. Swedish or Mexican food? - Mexican What … Fortsätt läsa Kajsa Åkerblom