Talisker Honey

40ml Talisker

10ml Splitter’s Elderly Liqueur 25ml Lemon
20ml Saffron honey
Build all ingredients (except soda and salt) in a shaker. Shake and strain over ice in a highball glass with seaweed salt rhyme.
Saffron honey:
To make honey water (50:50 honey: water)
Add 1 pack of saffron (0.5g) to 2 liters of honey water.
Seaweed salt:
Take the closest best seaweed (I use the bladderwrack), dry the seaweed either in a low heat oven, or place on a plate above the oven / fan.
Then crush the dried seaweed and sea salt to pieces.

The recipe was created by Emil Hed during a Scandinavian Detours event. Thanks for letting me share this!