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Stockholm is having a really non existent winter weather, just my style as I am not much for winter. I still walk around in my warm clothes as I think it is a bit chilly anyway. The picture is taken at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. Isn’t it breathtaking! 

Another nice food tasting event, this time with the Swedish Culinary Team that I have been following closely for the last years. I was with them when they won the competition 2018 in Luxembourg. Same here, I can only share a pic of the snacks we had before the meal. A pickled celeriac with herbal cream, a Swedish cheese called Vrångebäck and pumpkin seeds. They won gold last time. Fingers crossed!

Fredrik Andersson is the Team Manager for our golden Culinary Team.

On Wednesday My son was home sick and I didn’t know what to cook, sadly the door bell rings and I had a delivery of ready made Chicken from Lönneberga. Perfect to try them out with my son as he is a big lover of chicken popcorn. So we just popped them into the oven and had it with some salad. 

One evening I was invited to try out Hedda Spendrups very first beer from her brewery Omaka in Stockholm. Really good, I especially liked her dark beer. It was fantastic! Looking forward to when the restaurant is opening. It will be interesting to see what they are pairing their beer with for food.

I spent some time in the kitchen baking some cookies for our Chinese New Years celebration on Saturday. Normally we have a very big dinner, but as Emma just had surgery we keep it small this time.

You find the recipe here;

Girls night out with my friend Petra, we had a great dinner at restaurant Isaan’ with so much food, wine and the most amazing cocktails. We always try to hook up, but it is hard as we both work and travel a lot. She is a doctor, so a bit more amazing than me!

Friday lunch and I went to meet up with Fazer Culinary Team that will be competing in the Catering category in February. The total cost for each meal is €5! And I have to say this was fantastic! I am really impressed with the dish I tried out! So a great week so far, obviously I have been home writing, travelling back and forward on buses and tube. Had some pretty nice walks in the sun, cleaned, washed, cooked.. You know all the normal things we do most of the time. But I guess they are not so interesting to write about;) Have a fab weekend! Malin

Text and photo Malin Nordblom, Fab Foodie Swede

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    Good food can change your mood to good.


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