Surf Shack

Burgers made out of Swedish beef and fries made out of southern Swedish potatoes. And you gotta try their garlic fries that are to die for!! I have tried different burgers, pulled pork, chicken. And my personal favourite is the burger with their BBQ sauce and lots of different toppings. My son loves their chicken … Fortsätt läsa Surf Shack

Espresso House

At Espresso House in Lund, the town where it all started. Both for Espreesso House and me. They started in 1996 by Charles and Elisabeth Asker. And nowadays there are 400 shops, and EH is sold. I still go there sometimes, I especially like their chocolate balls and the cheesecake caramel. And the shops nowadays … Fortsätt läsa Espresso House


It doesn't look much from the outside, but when you get in there the place looks really cool, And then you see their cakes, so even if you plan to have lunch. Go for a cake too;) And then you walk up the little stairs with your food, or cakes and try them out. Yummy😋⭐️ … Fortsätt läsa Inkognito

Mat and Destillat

One of the best restaurants in Lund. It is situated where there used to be a famous bakery, so it is nice that you still can eat there. A classic restaurant with a French vibe with very stabile good food. The pike perch I had was perfect with the smoked sauce hollandaise and it's grilled … Fortsätt läsa Mat and Destillat

Martin’s Smokehouse

This is where I buy a lot of smoked fish in the summer. They have the most delicious salmon and a sauce to die for. This place is a must if you are in the area! During easter the queues are long, but its so worth it! You can also eat by the water in … Fortsätt läsa Martin’s Smokehouse

Daniel Berlin

In the small village of Skåne Tranås in southern Sweden you find a 2 star Michelin restaurant called Daniel Berlin. And Daniel Berlin is also the chef behind this fantastic restaurant that people from all over the world travel too eat at! Me and Daniel The restaurant itself is housed in an old house, and is … Fortsätt läsa Daniel Berlin

Buhres in Kivik

In the harbour of Kivik you find Buhres. It’s a combined restaurant and shop. And they also serve fast food fish on the outside of the restaurant. I go here a lot to buy fish, but my favourite is their lunch buffet. They serve a lot of different kinds of salmon and prawn, and other … Fortsätt läsa Buhres in Kivik

Daniel Berlin

The best food experience I ever had in Sweden. My friend who is the the chief editor at Gourmet in Sweden was visiting. So we were some friends that had a fab lunch at Daniel Berlin in Skåne-Tranås. A 14 course lunch, where I just loved all the food except the ducks liver. But that … Fortsätt läsa Daniel Berlin