Visiting our friends in Bangkok. Day 1, jet lagged but went to the weekend market, Chatuchak with my friend Sara. Bought some really nice things.  And we had a lunch that was so good!! In section 7, the art area. At the little square, we had a warm pomelo salad with chicken. It was fab!!! … Fortsätt läsa Bangkok

Vegan brunch

Sunday brunch at Radisson Blu in Solna. Very nice and healthy! Even our 9 year old gave it thumbs up! Especially the cashew “cheese” she liked;) I am not vegan, but Inreall like vegan food. And I think it is very exciting to eat all these healthy dishes that I never cook myself. Radisson Blu, … Fortsätt läsa Vegan brunch

Eataly in Stockholm

I was invited to look at Eataly this morning for Gourmet magazine. They are opening up where there have been an old cinema before, Röda Kvarn.  Amazing place, and now with all that amazing food! I tried so much food, and it was all nice! I’m gonna go back!!  

Vodka and great food at T8NG

  Trying out some really nice vodka drinks yesterday by Virtuous Vodka at restaurant Tong in Stockholm.  The drinks were fabolous, and Tong is magical. I feel like I’m back home in Shanghai at that restaurant. So we tried all the different flavours of the vodka. And there are six; original, raspberry, ginger, Chili, vanilla … Fortsätt läsa Vodka and great food at T8NG

The Island Cow

There is this fantastic place at Sanibel Island, where I had the Cow-a-Bunga Quesadilla with BBQ pulled pork, sweet bell peppers, onions and Colby-Jack cheese. And I actually had to go there again to order the same. It was just so good. 2163 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL. 33957 239.472.0606


  I first learned about the palace during the hurricane Irma. I saw some pictures of things floating around inside the palace. And I promised myself to go there, if it didn’t get totally ruined during the hurricane. So I went there some days ago.  And wow, what a fascinating and beautiful place. And mega … Fortsätt läsa Vizcaya

Rosella’s kitchen

  The real Italian restaurant experience in Miami. Rossella’s is a tiny fantastic place. The service is great, and when you get your food it tastes just like in Italy. It is nothing complicated , but really nice genuine food. This will be a restaurant I always will visit while in Miami. Grazie mille!

Biking around the island

    We biked for 5 hours, and we went through the "Ding" Darling Wildlife refuge, had coffee at Bailey’s and bought some lunch there. And ended up at Bowman’s beach. The beach, and the sea was amazing.   We biked through the Rabbit Road on the way back, a bit exciting as there were sign’s … Fortsätt läsa Biking around the island

Hard Rock at Universal

So we stayed at Hard Rock. It was a really great place! They had thought about every detail here. And I’m used to nice Asian hotels. The only downer at our room was that there were no light in the ceiling, so it was very cosy all the time. Wich is ok most of the … Fortsätt läsa Hard Rock at Universal


Universal is amazing, and so much better than Disney! Even for me that only do the non scary rides with my daughter. All the others had a blast on the extreme rides. Universal is clean, and everyone working there are really service minded. We had lunch at the biggest Hard Rock in the world, and … Fortsätt läsa Universal

Breakfast with My cousin

She lives just around the corner from this place, lucky girl. We had breakfast, or she did. I had already had mine, so I went for this croissant with chocolate on the side. And 2 cappuccinos;) It’s a french style restaurant in Stockholm called Nytorget 6. And this is also their address. 

Pain Chaud

Pretty packed little coffee shop, a nice mix of very cool Shanghaiers and expats. Great cappuccino with yummie baguettes. (And yes I had to grab a bite before I took the photo..)  If you are lucky you might get a seat, if not just bring the food. 27 Yong Kang Lu


This beautiful old Art Deco cinema from the 1930s at Huaihai Lu in Shanghai was  designed by Czech architect C.H. Gonda. It opened on January 1, 1932 with the American movie “A Free Soul” starring Norma Shearer. It was renovated in 2003. Unfortunately it is just the outside that is still like before, the rest is … Fortsätt läsa Cathay

Yu garden

Yu Garden was first built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. But it took a long time to complete it. It was the largest and most prestigious garden in Shanghai. It’s been damaged a lot several times. And during the first opium war the the British army used the Huxinting Teahouse as a base of … Fortsätt läsa Yu garden

Breakfast time

I love eating breakfast! Here is a a breakfast that started off with Green & Safe’s yoghurt, granola and honey, orange and carrot juice. And then I finished off with a magic bun. Well if you walk all day long, then you deserve a nice bun.  6 Dongping Lu, Shanghai