Christmas at Operakällaren

Operakällaren is a very nice old classic restaurant that first opened up in 1787 in the basement of the old Opera house in Stockholm. Since then it has been torn down and a new house was built in the beginning of 19th century. It has always been a top restaurant , and yesterday I was invited to a Christmas lunch there with Huawei.

The dessert table was amazing! And I just love desserts so much!

We were in a private room situated upstairs. And I had actually never been in there!

I love the small sausages, they are called prinskorvar. Which literally means prince sausages 🤣

We eat a lot of salmon and herring at all big holidays in Sweden.

And then we have the “lutfisk” Stock fish where the dry fish has been put into lye, and then it all gets soaked in lye. And then it will get boiled. The whole procedure takes more than two weeks!

Tastes good? According to me, no. According to my colleague Tove Yes.

In Sweden we have been eating this for more than 500 years! And king Gustav the 3rd ate the fish during the whole spring apparently!

Well I stick to the rest of the food! I prefer that;)

Have a fab holiday🎅🏻🤶🏼

/ Malin

Nytorget 6

I was the guide at a Food Tour at Södermalm in Stockholm today.

Great fun! I had a group from Norway, and I think I did pretty well even if it was my first tour I talked on all stops nearly. My colleague Gunilla did 2 of the stops.

One of the stops were at restaurant Nytorget 6. Its an international restaurant in the trendy part of Södermalm called SoFo(South of Folkungagatan) and it has a nice soft vibe. The food is Scandinavian with an Southern European touch. Today they had a nice platter with tuna, pork and lamb. And a cocktail, and Nytorget has some really good cocktails.

This it’s a perfect place to hang out at. But If you wanna eat, reserve a table! It’s normally pretty full in there during the evening. They are open from 7.30 during weekdays. And they serve some of Stockholm’s best breakfasts!

Nytorget 6 is both the name of the restaurant, and the address. Pretty clever I have to say!

Baras Ställe

Yesterday I went to one of the most beautiful openings ever! The interior was smashing, and Alexander Erwik, the one that had planed the opening had done a grand job. And everywhere I looked there was something to take a picture off!

Me and Helene ❤️. Fab to have a night with a friend!

They had a whole buffet with food, and then some Santa candy;)

It’s all in the details

And Raven performed!

Over and out! Have a fun weekend wherever you are😘

Baras Ställe,Västgötagatan 4, Stockholm

Mariestads big bang dinner

Their master brewer Richard Bengtsson has the last years been travelling around with some of Sweden’s best chefs. During his trips he’s been taking inspiration for different beers. And from each trip they have released two different beers.

And the beers he’s been brewing are not the ordinary ones. These are handcrafted beer with very special flavours. The flavours has inspiration from the sea, Berlin etc. Richard is a very passionate, and very knowledgeable master brewer. And they are now up for grabs at 😉

Richard and Jimmi Eriksson, one of Sweden’s best chefs. And one of the four chefs that cooked the big gala dinner for 300 persons at Stockholm City Hall to celebrate Richard!

The food was amazing! And was all perfectly matched with the different beers! And when you have the last four years Chef of the Year. Well then your in for a treat! Thank you David, Jimmi, Thomas and Johan!

Thank you for a very nice evening❤️


Danyel Couet’s Allegrine is a “french” restaurant with a Swedish touch. The name comes from Danyel’s grand mother. And she was a the one that got Danyel interested of food. The interior is spot on perfect. It has a relaxed vibe, but jet everything is just right.

The food is modern French cuisine, and you find duck A’La Orange, lobster, Cote de Boeuf, Steak Tartare etc..

For me, this is a place I just wanna come back too. Because I wanna try out the whole menue, and the place is perfect during the colder season:)

I would recommend you to book a table!


Kammakargatan 22


Today was empanada night! These little Chilean pies. Full of minced meat, herbs, tomatoes and some cheese.

My freezer is now full of them. It’s the perfect fast food! And guess what we had for dinner tonight 😉

Here is the recipe for the dough;

2,5 tea spoon dry yeast (Preferably fast raising)

3 dl luke warm milk

100 grams of soft butter

1 egg

8 dl white flour

1 tea spoon salt

1 tea spoon sugar

Dissolve the yeast into the milk, whisk it around.

Add all the other ingredients.

Cover with a towel or put it into a bag for an hour. (Or over night)

Then split the dough into 16 equal pieces.

Cover with a tea towel for 15 minutes.

Then roll out with a baking pin and add what you would like to have in them. Like minced meat, some eggs..

Cover with a tea towel for 15 minutes. And then brush them with a whisked egg.

Next, put them into a preheated oven ( 200C) for about 15 minutes or until brown.

Serve with a salsa and a nice glass of red!!