Breakfast with My cousin

She lives just around this place, lucky girl. We had breakfast, or she did. I had already had mine, so I went for this croissant with chocolate on the side. And 2 cappuccinos;) It’s a french style restaurant in Stockholm called Nytorget 6. And that is also their address. C87476A9-A93E-4870-8ADC-877F6DAEB75D


Old Sweden

So last time I went to Skansen I saw some punches that I would like to use. And kindly enough the man that works there told me that I could use them! So today I went there with some pendants. And finally my order is done! And I went in to the bakery to pick up some buns there too..

Date night


Lars had picked out a Chinese restaurant for us, Waipo. We had a nice time, but the food weren’t that impressive. But after living in China twice, we aren’t that easy to impress.. We took a nice walk afterwards in Stockholm, and ended up at a concert. It is Stockholm’s Culture Festival now, and we looked at Bowie In Berlin with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra  and the singers Magnus Carlson, Moto Boy and Jennie Abrahamson. The concert were held by the water opposite the castle.

Skansen in Stockholm


One of my favourite places to take people in Stockholm  are Skansen.

Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum, showcasing the whole of Sweden with houses and farmsteads from every part of the country.

I love looking at all the old details in the houses, having a nice old style Fika. And I always bring back some goodies from the bakery! And my daughter loves looking at all the animals.